Plan monthly fee:
☑️ Plano1 = Data up to 1GB   = ¥2,980/mo.
☑️ Plano2 = Data up to 5GB   = ¥3,980/mo.
☑️ Plano3 = Data up to 7GB  = ¥4,980/mo.
☑️ Plano4 = Data up to 20GB  = ¥5,980/mo.
☑️ Plano5 = Data up to 50GB  = ¥6,980/mo.
☑️ Plano7 = Data up to 100GB  = ¥7,960/mo. (Combo 2 SIMs)

Telephone numbers: 070/080/090
Call fee ¥44/min
SMS  ¥3/min   International SMS ¥100/min

Internet data  from 5GB to 100GB

⋄ SIM size: Mini   Micro  Nano
⋄ Internet: If you reached the data limit, the speed drop 200Kbps.
⋄ Bandwidth: 1,3, 8.

For more information, please visit our website.  https://www.softbank.jp/mobile/service/global/outgoing/mail/services/


Contract period: 6months
SIM activation fee: 2000yen ( will be charged with the first invoice ).
Payment due date: Every 10th of the month.
Using this SIM card, applying for any services such as chargeable contents are prohibited.
If you would like to cancel the service, please send back the SIM card before the last day of the month.

After you ordered, our sales representative will contact you via telephone or e-mail and explain about the service for confirm your order.

Required documents:
 ☑️ ID: Residence card, VISA should be valid more than 1months
 ☑️  For Japanese customers: Driver's license, passport + address documents

Customer Service  Espas Communications Co., Ltd.  Tel  03-4580-4936 Mon to Fri  11h-20h

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